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St. Joseph's College

Class of 1957 - Our Bios and Pictures

Joe Roy Humphreys

Joe Roy Humphreys. Though born in San Francisco, I spent most of my grammar school years in the LA area, returning for 7th and 8th Grades at St. Paul's on Church St. Walt McCall and I made up the St. Paul's contingent to St. Joe's in September of 51. Six mostly wonderful years at St. Joe's and a little more than 2 at St. Pat's. I left St. Pat's in 1960. Didn't really have a plan but thought about teaching and picked up a degree in History at USF. Then I met Joan and decided I needed to get a job. Fortunately for me, the Social Security Administration was undergoing a major expansion with the advent of Medicare so I became a claims representative for them and was sent off to Santa Rosa. Joan and I were married (in New Jersey) during the first week on my job. We moved to Baltimore in 1968 for what I assured her would be no more than 2 years in an agency internship program. Twenty-three years, 3 homes, 3 jobs, and 3 children later we finally got back to San Francisco in 1991 but in 2002 we somehow found ourselves back in Washington where I am now planning to retire this July from the staff of the Social Security Advisory Board. We thought our kids would eventually return to California with us, but they, of course, had other plans. My oldest, Josephine, is living with her husband in Manhattan. Middle child, Wendy, lives in Dublin. (The REAL Dublin). She is a great fan of the Scottish "football" club Celtic (note the jersery in my photo). And the youngest, Josh and his wife live on an island in the mouth of Tampa Bay.

John Hunt

John Hunt. Left SPS Halloween of ’61. Worked for a year in San Francisco (SF).Went to Peru for about 8 months to teach English and help operate a USO for Peruvian sailors. Returned to SF; then served 3-plus years as a Supply Officer in the Navy. Married Sally and we had four children. Moved to Oakland and worked for Alameda County as a probation officer and later with an MA in counseling as a mediator in the Family Court. Sally died of cancer in 2000. A couple of years later married Ruthanne. Retired from the Court in 2005 and live in Oakland. Volunteer tutor at a G.E.D. preparation program a couple of days a week. One does not know what the future holds, but God has given many blessings and the strength to get through the difficult times.

Rich Monahan.Came to St. Joe’s from St. Leo’s Parish in San Jose with “Truck” Dariano, Rich Pereira, and Gerald Smith. Toed the line all the way through, even past “Red” Cronin, to ordination in 1963. My first assignment was St. Victor’s “parish” in San Jose. We had Mass in an old farm house in the middle of a orchard. We drove the tabernacle back and forth to and from the home which served as a rectory. (I was told to keep the headlights on in the car when transporting the tabernacle.) One year later it was off to Serra High School; the next year to Catholic U. for a M.A. ; then back to Serra as Dean until 1970. (Coached Lynn Swann one year) I received my dispensation from Rome in 1971, married my wife, Judith, that same year, and had two boys, Ian and Sean. Dabbled in a lot of things in life - insurance sales, managed commodity trading accounts, ran afoul of the IRS. Got convicted and 2000 hours of Community Service with Jim McEntee at the Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission. Tried my hand at property development, got burned, got divorced for financial reasons, then declared bankruptcy. Still, I was able to get one son through College and am still caring for the other who is disabled. I have not retired and have no grand kids to play with. I do not participate in the Church of today much. I sort of miss that old farm house in the orchard.
John O'Brien

John O'Brien. Saint Joseph's Seminary was my home and other family for four years of high school and a year and a half of college. I left the seminary in December of 1956 and continued my education at the University of San Francisco. I graduated from USF in June of 1959 and a week later married Marianne Tonna. I did graduate studies at USF and the University of Michigan. My business career took me into the insurance industry where I worked for two companies in various management roles over the course of forty-four years, retiring in 2000 when my company was sold. Marianne and I raised five children, and they have gifted us with six grandchildren. We are both active in parish and diocesan ministry. We serve as Pastoral Care Ministers, Eucharistic Ministers, lectors and are active in scripture study workshops in our parish. Currently, I serve as President of the Diocesan School Board for the Diocese of Sacramento and also serve on the Diocesan Pastoral Council. We both enjoy golf, travel, gardening and reading. John O'Brien

Denny Reidy

Denny Reidy. After Fr. Canfield closed down, with extreme prejudice, the liquor distribution scheme set up by Jack Norton and myself in Feb. of 1954, I informed Fr. Rock I was leaving and enrolled at Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland, class of "55. Met my future wife, Pat Challoner, there, although I didn't know that at the time. But luckily for me, even though our paths went in different directions for a few years after high school, we were married on Sept. 17, 1960. In the interim, I went to St. Mary's College, class of '59. We set up house in Oakland, thence to Pleasanton, to Westlake Village in LA county near Thousand Oaks, back to Pleasanton, then to Laguna Niguel in southern Orange County and finally to Lincoln, Ca. in a Del Webb community. On the way we managed to have four kids. Matt lives with wife Joann and their boys, Connor and Brennan, in Burlingame. Kevin who with his partner, Mike, spend time working in Thousand Oaks and enjoying their flat in SF every other week end. Maureen lives in Roseville with her husband Jason, a Lincoln policeman, and shares home decorating business duties with a good friend. Tim is in his fifth year as a counselor at Hoover Middle School in SF. Working life was spent primarily in the car business as a parts rep. and warehouse mgmt. for 9 years with Volkswagen and as a regional parts mgr. and a facility specialist for almost 25 years with Volvo Cars of North America. Retired at the end of 1996. Did some consulting for Volvo after retirement until they were purchased by Ford Motor Co. in late 1998. We have been involved with parish life; Pat in CCD and me in parish councils and the building of three churches over the years only to find ourselves involved in one more project here at St. Joseph Church in Lincoln. For the past four years have been the go to guy in coordinating much of the new church project with the architects, diocese, Army Corp of Engineers and the city. Dedication is scheduled for Mar. 18th. We are going from an 80 year old church with 176 seats to one having 960 seats. Of course the town has grown from 8100 folks in 2001 to 38,000 today. Build it and, hopefully, they will come.

Denis and Rose Ann Ryken

Denis Ryken. I left St. Patrick's on All Saints' Day 1959. Almost immediately, Jack Elliott, Richard's brother, asked me to teach Chant to a Men's Choir he had formed in his parish (St. Bede's in south Hayward area) Those men, young fathers in their first GI homes, were eager to learn and responded so enthusiastically that I was hooked. That experience began a 47 year association with the parish that continues today. In addition to music direction (about 30 years), my wife Rose Anne (married in 1969) and I have been involved in almost every ministry and function in the parish. Oddly, we have lived close to, but outside, the parish lines all those years. I also served on the Diocesan School Board for 6 years and the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition Board for 6 years. Rose Anne is president of the St. Rose Hospital Auxiliary. We have raised 5 sons who have degrees in Theater Arts (Directing), Liberal Arts, Physical Therapy (Masters), and Business (Auditing- CPA). One son is an apprentice Electrician. We have 2 beautiful grandchildren and are expecting another. I received a Masters Degree in Public Administration from California State University, Hayward. . For 32 years I held administrative and HR positions in county government ( Assessor's Office -13 years and Public Defender's Office - 17 years). I retired in July 1999. In 1990 I applied for candidacy in the Oakland Diocese's Deacon Formation Program (group #4) and was ordained a "permanent" Deacon on February 25, 1995. My service ministries have been with the Family Shelter, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and small church communities. Based upon experience with a close friend, Rose Anne noticed some symptoms of Parkinson's Disease in my actions and insisted that I see a neurologist. The doctor made a positive diagnosis of that illness in December 1996. With the help of standard medication for the disease, with the support of my wife and family, and with adaptive skills developed in a weekly exercise class designed for Parkinson patients, I have been able to function normally about 50% to 60% of each day. Sometimes I think of my Parkinson "down times" as advanced training for old(er) age. Ad multos annos.

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