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Rhet Class Picture

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Some Recollections after 50 60 Years

Since 2007 2017 is the 50th 60th Anniversary of the graduation from St. Joseph's of the class that entered as Sixth Latiners in 1951, I thought all of us who spent some time in that class might enjoy a website with our recollections -- verbal and visual -- of our experiences and friendships during those years.

I had hoped to continue working on this website now that the celebration has come and gone and still hope to do so. For the moment, however, I am in the process of moving back into my home in San Francisco and have also begun developing a similar website for the class behind us who will have their golden jubilee in 2008 with the celebration on Saturday, April 26, 2008. You can see that (now dormant) website by clicking here.

NEWJohn Hunt has sent me a dvd with video of the Alumni Day Mass from last April. I am in the process of converting the files to a format that can be viewed from this website. This involves many, very large files so it may take some time to complete. However, here is a link to the page as it now stands.

Alumni Day - April 28, 2007
50th Reunion Pictures - April 28, 2007
Click here to read Brian Joyce's May 27, 2007 letter to his parishoners at Christ the King Church in Pleasanton about our gathering on April 28th.
And a Memorial Day note from Rich Monahan.
"Here it is Memorial Day, so I am remembering. I want to thank all who made such great efforts to bring about the reunion. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout. I guess there really was a connection, as well as a curiosity, amongst the members of the Class of 1957. Today I will be remembering my Classmates, George Kutches, Mike Kenney, and Jack McLaughlin. Thanks again to all."

I have received a couple comments from visitors to the website who have pointed out to me that there is a St. Joseph's College website that has other collections of memories. The site is Bill Wall (Rhet '63) has a very detailed account of a day in the life of a seminarian at St. Joseph's at the "memoirs" page at clovk here which also >

NEWMusic From Other Lands (St. Pat's Deacon Night 1959)
Vacation page updated with a picture of the SJC Orioles from Jim Fitzgerald's photo collection.

Ok, I am in the process of orgainizing the approximately 500 pictures into semi-coherent groups. Still a lot of work to do here, but I am going to use google web albums as my quick and dirty expedient. I am trying to provide captions but some pictures have me stumped and I probably am making numerous errors. Please feel free to point out any goofs or omissions and I will try to correct them. Here are the web albums:
Here are some more photos sent in by Jim Fitzgerald Jim Fitz' photos
Con Doherty has made his collection of photos from our time at St. Joseph's available. Quite a few very nice pictures that bring back many memories. Con's photo collection at
4th High Play Henry IV - part I
various groupclass pictures - 1st high to St. Pat's Class pictures
Feb 12th- I just got in a pictures' contribution from LoringMcAllister -- a great collection including lots of good shots of the Prof-Rhet softball game and even a couple of original Latin compositions. As usual, I have high hopes of eventually integrating these pictures into the website, but wanted to make them available this way in the meanwhile. Loring's Pictures
Here are a bunch (about 60 +) pictures of various members of our class at various times and places. Class members
And some more More pix of class members
Even during vacations, our class did a lot together with each other and with members of other classes. Here are a few pictures of some of the vacation activities. A party in San Mateo, a party at Jerry Distefano's house (Grattan St? in SF), a class dinner at Pinelli's restaurant, and camp counselling at Camp St. Alberts on the Skunk line and at the CYO camp. vacations
Rich Monahan collectiion Rich Pix

Second High Class Picture (Thanks to contributions by John O'Brien, Jim Tonna, and Denny Reidy, I think we have now matched the faces with the names and have them keyed. Thanks to Denny also for correcting the year of the photo and to Rich Monahan, I think, for supplying the photo in the first place. Let me know if we have any errors that need correcting.)

I hope to organize this site a bit more coherently as I find time. Meanwhile, however, I have put together a collection of miscellaneous pictures in a picasa web album that you can see by using 'and some more link' in th table above . A second album contain scans of pictures from Brian Joyce and a large number of snaps from the vcr described below can be seen at and now a third with many pictures contributed by Cardy Smith: Denny Reidy has sent in a few addition photos from his collection. Click here to view them.
I also got a vcr tape from Brian Joyce with about a half hour of great memories from our years at St. Joseph's. Video takes a lot of webspace, so I will try to put a few excerpts here and there. Here is a quick overview. It runs about 2 minutes and takes up about 8 mb of space--so I would not try it unless you have a broadband connection. Quick Overview .You will probably need Microsoft's media player (which should be on any computers using the XP operating system). If anyone wants to download the full 30 minutes, let me know and I will try to work something out.

You can get a somewhat larger version of each picture by clicking on the picture and I have still higher resolution versions of some of them that I could email.

Don't forget to join your classmates for the Golden Jubilee Celebration on April 28, 2007.

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