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E. Dowd-Harvey-Art by Osuna
Elwood Dowd - Harvey
Artwork by Don Osuna
Fitzgerald as York
Henry IV - Archbishop of York
(Jim Fitzgerald)

St. Joseph's College

Class of 1957 - Plays

One of the hallmarks of our class of 1957 was its enthusiasm for putting on plays. The first of these that I recall was Shakespere's Henry IV, Part I that we put on in fourth high. I think most of the class had some role in this play and a lot of pictures were taken. I don't know exactly how long this play ran, but I seem to recall that we got started late and the play went on and on and on. That was no problem for those of us who were in the play, but the poor sixth latiners in the front rows of the gym couldn't take it. As the play wore on, they begain dropping off to sleep.

Another play we put on, in Poet year I believe, was Harvey. See Osuna's picture that I still have hanging in my basement, and the program with the full cast at the bottom of this page.

We Seek A New Land

Also in Poet year, many of our class had a role in a Mission Society production of an "original musical" featuring the "glee club"-- we seek a new land. A few of us "vocally challenged" types protested our exclusion and were finally admitted as the "gloom club" to contribute a rousing chorus of "John Brown's Body." For a slideshow of "We Seek a New Land", click here

Other plays included the Taming of the Shrew, The Man Who Came to Dinner (did we actually do that or just talk about it?), and apparently something that included a skit featuring the nurse. My memory seems to be a bit fuzzy about the last two.

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Harvey Program