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St. Joseph's College

The Blow

When we arrived at St. Joe's, we learned that our daily reading and listening habits were about to change. No radio or TV or Chronicle or Examiner. However, we soon discovered that we had the benefit of an immensely more entertaining source of news:

The Blow

The Blow was put out infrequently and irregularly by each year's Third High class. Thanks to Jim Tonna, we are able to bring you a copy of the Blow from 1953. Click here to return to 1953 and read such stimulating articles as

As the saying goes: READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Actually, this "slick paper" version of the Blow was, if my memory is correct, something of an anomaly. The Blows I remember were produced on the dittograph machine. I believe this was in a small room on the first floor of the main wing and used some sort of alcohol-based system to transfer ink from the stencil to the paper. Did we really get some sort of "high" from that? Remember the yellow, military surplus paper that we produced much of our ditto'd materials on? Remember the fun it was making corrections on ditto stencils: scraping off the ink, getting indelible purple stains on hands and clothing, etc. etc. etc.

Ok, folks, let's have some contributed memories here. Who staffed the Blow when we were in Third High. I think OB was the sports editor, but I don't remember the rest. Use the comment form below to add your recollections.

Late breaking news...

Rich Monahan has contributed this article by Brian Joyce from one Blow issues when we were in Third High. Ok, so we have 2 staff members pinned down. Who else? (I think I may have done some typing for it.)

"Mike Kenny was Editor- Fr, Canfield was the moderator for our year" (note from Rich)

Blow article by BJ
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