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St. Joseph's College

The Profs

The Sulpician faculty--or, as we more commonly referred to them -- the "profs" played a very large role in our lives at St. Joseph's. So we will start this page with a clip from Brian Joyce's video collection that re-introduces a few of the profs in some of the different ways that we interacted with them. Click this button

to watch the video or, if that link did not work, try clicking here. (Those 2 options are a newer video that should work pretty well. I also have an earlier version that may not work for some of you. Click here to watch the earlier version. This is a very large file -- about 7mb, so it is probably only usable if you have a broadband Internet connection. It runs about 2 minutes.)
Very Rev. Francis Rock, S.S.
Fr. Francis Rock, S.S.

Perhaps, the first prof that most of us encountered was the President of St. Joseph's, the Very Reverend Francis J. Rock, S.S. (Or "Pop Rock" as we called him when we were safely out of hearing range of him and the rest of the faculty.) If my memory serves me correctly, I believe he ordinarily was the celebrant at the Mass each morning, and he presided over the refectory at our dinner and supper meals each day. Other than that, however, he was a somewhat Oympian figure, and it generally was not considered desirable to be summoned to meet with him on a one-to-one basis.

As with the rest of the website, I will try to fill in more as time allows. And I invite you to share your own recollections using the form below.

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